3 natural healing factors for well-being in Rogla–Pohorje Tourist Destination

When heading to Rogla–Pohorje, keep in mind that you are coming to authentic countryside, small towns, idyllic villages, and a whole lot of agricultural land. Pohorje’s countryside energy will become your new source of inspiration. Natural healing factors, which locals still utilise following the instruction of their ancestors, will soften and heal you physically and mentally.



1. Natural thermal water

In this mountain world, there is a long-practiced tradition of letting warm thermal water from mighty Pohorje’s natural spring caress and relax your body, restoring tired muscles. Verified healing factors: contains a rich amount of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. Hot saunas with ethereal scents and massages in the company of meadow flowers, will allow you to cross mental boundaries into a different sphere of thought.


woman in the pool

Did you know?

Rogla–Pohorje Tourist Destination will present some completely unique experiences:


the woman lies covered with haydeckchairs in front of saunas in Terme Žreče

2. Unique Pohorje peat

This natural peloid is full of nutritious and biologically active ingredients from the 10,000-year old swampy areas of the Pohorje forest. You won’t find it anywhere else. Take a bath or wrap in Pohorje peat. Its humic acid slowly transfers heat to muscular tissue, soothes pain and promotes healing.


Did you know?

Rogla–Pohorje is a place of many green specialties:

  • You can find an endemic yellow flower here, Mountain gold (Alyssum montanum subsp. Pluscanescens), a beautiful plant that doesn’t grow elsewhere.
  • Pohorje's plains and forests are rich in natural delicacies, such as porcini, fragrant elderflower, forest blueberries and strawberries, medicinal St. John's wort, fragrant thyme, and even protected arnica.
  • You can also discover an herb garden where the almost miraculous Light Root is carefully cultivated.


A plant with yellow flowers on stony groundA woman with a basket in her hand picking up herbs


3. A beneficial climate with air that is full of the scent of pine needles

At a time when the health of our respiratory system is extra important, you can give your lungs a holiday: breathe fresh, clean air, which even pulmonologists believe has a beneficial effect on your health.


the stream flows through the forest

Did you know?

In Rogla–Pohorje you can discover:

  • a whole range of honey products made by diligent bees in their natural rural world,
  • all about the pioneer of spiritualism and theosophy in Slovenia and Hungary, Baroness Adelma von Vay, a medium, healer and great benefactress who lived here,
  • quiet spaces in nature that are purposely based on authentic geomantic studies to soothe, regenerate and help establish contact with nature’s energy points.