The Area Natura 2000

The Rogla ̶ Pohorje tourist destination is a vast area of unique unprecedented nature, which also belongs to the special protected areas of Natura 2000.

The Rogla ̶ Pohorje tourist destination is a vast area of unprecedented nature. It is important to keep it intact. The diverse flora and fauna in this part of Slovenia is a pearl, which is also protected by a network of specific European nature conservation areas Natura 2000.

What is Natura 2000?

Natura 2000 is a project that takes under its protection ecologically important areas: specific types of natural habitats and habitats that represent the home of particularly endangered plant or animal species.

What belongs to the area of Natura 2000?

  • Pohorje. The most extensive silicate mountain range in Slovenia is very much different from the rest of the Alpine world. Special features:
  • peatland bog vegetation, e.g. round-leafed dew on the moor of the Lovrenc Lakes,
  • spruce forests of Pohorje,
  • vegetation in rock crevices,
  • Alpine rivers and dystrophic lakes,
  • plains and heathlands with matgrass, arnica, blueberries and cranberries,
  • areas of solitary karst (e.g. Pavlak cave), and
  • the only example of serpentine flora in Slovenia.


  • Dravinja River with Dravinja Valley (Slovenske Konjice, Prežigal Forest and Petelinjek Wetlands). The Dravinja basin is a powerful life vein. The steep banks of the river are home to the endangered turquoise blue bird kingfisher, home to some rare butterflies, crabs and dragonflies, and on the nearby meadows a white stork. Where the town of Slovenske Konjice connects with Konjiška gora, in the cemetery near the Church of St. Ana, there lives a special kind of bats. The Petelinjek Wetlands also harbor several bird species and a small number of amphibians, and the Prežigal Forest is a remnant of the former times of penduculate oak forests.

A tip for a trip:

Take a look at the Dravinja River in the context of the Prežigal Water Educational Trail and the Petelinjek Natural Science Trail.

Did you know?

Žiče grobeljnik is a natural monument and a natural heritage of national importance. It is an endemite located in the quarry west of Žiče. Its habitat is also protected by the municipal ordinance.