Enjoy tastes

People from Pohorje are quite famous for not letting you leave on an empty stomach. Here, enjoying good food is a way of socializing, and the saying, "Love goes through your stomach" has its true meaning. The culinary arts of Pohorje and its surroundings are well intertwined with fresh ideas of young local people, but traditionally it is based on ancient recipes of grandmothers and is complemented by flavors of quality vegetables, forest delicacies, meadow herbs and fine wines.


Enjoying the taste and its intertwinings reveals the philosophy that Pohorje cuisine keeps following.


You can do it in (at least) one of those two ways:

  • Thoroughly search the brand name Tastes of Rogla if you are looking for the indisputably guaranteed quality.
  • Check whose catering providers' door you would have to knock in order to be served the dishes you like.


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