The Rogla - Pohorje Tourist Destination comprises the Municipalities of Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje, and Zreče. Of a whopping 257 km 2 in size, it stretches across the magnificent Pohorje, ruled by Rogla, via wine- growing hills before reaching the plains of the calming Dravinja Valley.

The top attractions of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination include: The Pohorje Trail Among the Treetops, the highland Lovrenc Lakes marsh on Rogla; the Old Square, the Škalce Wine-Growing Hills with the Zlati Grič Wine Cellar, golf course, inn and Vineyard Mansion and the Žiče Charterhouse in the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice; the Noordung Centre in Vitanje and the Oplotnica Mansion and Gorge.

A visit to a small part of the main attractions (such as the attractions in the
Municipality of Slovenske Konjice) takes a day. However, you are advised to
extend your visit to several days. The Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination
boasts a large number of attractions, offers many activities and opportunities
to get a taste of the local cuisine. Minimum five days are recommended to
visit the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination, allowing you to explore it, feel it
and enjoy it to the fullest.

The Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination can be visited any time of the year.
The season you end up choosing depends on you and your expectations. In
summer, most outdoor activities are available, whereas, in winter, the Rogla-
Pohorje Tourist Destination attracts skiing fans to the Rogla Ski Centre. The
Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination is also worth a visit in autumn when it dons
the wonderful colours of autumn and you get to smell mature grapes. In
spring, you can watch nature turn green and bloom every single day.

Summer temperatures may exceed 30 degrees Celsius in the valley,
whereas, as a rule, the temperatures on Rogla tend to be ten degrees lower.
Winter temperatures also vary depending on your location. In the valley, they
are around 0 degrees Celsius, whereas a true winter idyll can be experienced
on Rogla. It can be sometimes foggy on autumn and winter mornings.
Nevertheless, the destination area is well-known for its large number of sunny
days. As weather forecasting can be a job cut out for us as the weather can
also prove changeable, you are advised to check the current weather
conditions here.

Yes, it does, you can avail of many walking opportunities in the Rogla-Pohorje
Tourist Destination. Walkers are recommended to take a stroll along the
Zreče Park and the walking trail around the Zreče Lake. The Slovenske
Konjice Urban Park facilitates a walk among magnificent hundred-year-old
trees. A walk along the Škalce Wine-Growing Hills and Pohorje Plains also
make for a unique experience. If you are more of a hiker, you shouldn’t skip

on the trail taking you to the Lovrenc Lakes, on ascending the Brinje
Mountain, Stenica and Konjice Mountain with Stolpnik. There are many
options available, check our hiking trails.

Yes, it is, the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination is suitable for cycling and
includes as many as 20 well-marked cycling trails. These vary in difficulty and
pass through asphalt-covered roads in the valley. A Bike Park is available for
adrenaline lovers on Rogla during the summer. At the same time, Rogla is an
excellent starting point for mountain bikers.

Many cultural and historical attractions bearing witness to the vibrant scene in
this area in the past. The most important include: The Žiče Charterhouse and
the Gastuž Inn; the Old Square and Trebnik Mansion in Slovenske Konjice,
the archaeological site on Brinje Mountain and the Mansion in Oplotnica.

Parking in the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination is not payable. You should
only pay attention to the markings of short-term parking areas in which you
need to mark the exact time you have parked your car.

Guests travelling with a mobile home can avail of our mobile home parking
area on Rogla. These were renovated in 2019. There are 48 spaces and full-
service available. There is also a parking area in Vitanje in the immediate
vicinity of the Noordung Centre and in the Resnik village halfway between
Zreče and Rogla. You can also park your mobile home by Terme Zreče or in
the city centre of Slovenske Konjice.

The same measures apply to the rest of the country. High hygienic standards
and protocols and additional safety recommendations are complied with on a
daily basis, providing for a safe and healthy environment for all. You can also
make your own small contribution by observing health preservation

You can find them in all municipalities belonging to the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist
Destination. Publicly accessibly defibrillators can be found in Slovenske
Konjice (the Health Care and Cultural Centres in Slovenske Konjice, the
Tepanje Volunteer Fire Station, the Draža Vas Fire Station, the Žiče Fire
Station, the Loče Fire Station and Healthcare Station), next to the Oplotnica
Fire Station, 4 in Zreče (the Stranice Locals’ Centre, the Zreče Volunteer Fire
and Healthcare Stations) and next to the Vitanje Healthcare Station.

If you take photos of local attractions and its surroundings for your personal
needs, you do not need a permit. If you wish to publish your photos publicly or
wish to use them for any type of public distribution, you need to obtain the

consent of the owner of the facility or land and publication conditions
beforehand. These vary from facility to facility and owner to owner. It is,
however, highly unlikely to be denied your kind request by anyone.

The use of a drone (unmanned aircraft) is forbidden in the area of the Žiče
Charterhouse. Drones also mustn’t be used in agglomerations and in
locations with a large number of people. A permit is required for all uses of a
drone beforehand.

If you wish to organise an event or trip in the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist
Destination, the office of the Rogla-Zreče LTO in Zreče is the right office to
ask for general information: info@rogla-zrece.si. The office will provide you
with useful information at one single location, helping you make your decision.
You can also contact the Slovenske Konjice Tourist Information Centre at
info@tickonjice.si or the Vitanje Tourist Information Centre at

The Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination avails of a rather large number of
attractive locations for weddings and other special events. The best location is
the Žiče Charterhouse and the Gastuž Inn which will provide for your catering
needs. Rogla avails of sufficiently large capacities both outdoors and indoors
(in the hall) where it can conjure up an unforgettable celebration for a large
number of people. If you are looking for more privacy, you should choose the
Smogavc Inn for your celebration.

Yes, the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination has its own brand, the Tastes of
Rogla, Bringing together local providers of catering services and
manufacturers of agricultural, food and artisanal products. More recently,
guided tours/tourism products have been added. Our quality label has been
obtained by more than 50 providers and almost 300 products. Learn more.

Yes, the Rogla-Pohorje Tourism Destination tourism steps are green and
achievements gold. It is the proud recipient of the Slovenia Green Destination
Gold certificate and have also been included on the 2021 Global Top 100
Most Sustainable Destinations list. Its sustained efforts have also been noted
by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which published the
sustainability story of the destination including all four municipalities in its
publication released on International Mountain Day in 2021 presenting the
best global cases of sustainable mountain tourism practices. All this testifies
to sustainability and commitment to nature of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourism
Destination being more than a few words on paper. And that, hand in hand, it

has been committed to persistently shifting towards a green future leaving
gold tracks.

Yes, which gives us great pride. Destination tourist guides who will gladly take
you to more or less known areas of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination
have been trained during recent years.

The Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination boasts several special experience
packages. These include the truly special “Discovering through Stories”
experience, intended for families, the literary-tourism trail “Along the Step of
Ivan Minatti” that you can walk on your own or with a guide or you can
surrender to the special Silence in the Žiče Charterhouse.

We would appreciate it if you were to preserve the environment with responsible conduct as
well. Admire the beauty. Have a respectful attitude towards nature. Natural
environment – habitat for other species. Handle natural resources responsibly.
Garbage management – take it with you. Drink tap water. Travel green. Respect
others. Respect property and the local community. Eat locally grown food. Take a
Rogla-Pohorje souvenir home with you – certified products Tastes of Rogla.