Slovenia Green

10 ENVIRONMENTAL SPARKS - open your hearts to green habits for your and our safety:

Welcome from us! Now is the time for unique, sustainable adventures and experiences! “Explore, feel and enjoy” Rogla-Pohorje - a green outdoor home. We will be happy if you, with your responsible actions, also help to preserve the environment. By following the hygiene recommendations for guests, given by tourist providers at information points, we also contribute to both your and our own health and to the safety of the area.

1. As you enter Rogla-Pohorje, be aware that you are entering unspoiled nature and a world of authentic tradition that we have maintained with love and perseverance for centuries.

2. Wherever we are, we are in touch with extraordinary nature. Our green nature is available to you for unforgettable experiences, and you can return the hospitality to it by taking care of its purity and integrity. Admire the beauties and make sure they stay that way too.

3. Do not pick the flowers and fruits of hardworking hands. The locals will be happy to offer you home-made delicacies.

4. Enjoy our clean waters and indulge in the luxury of being able to drink tap water. Forget about bottles in Rogla-Pohorje and renew your water supply from our many water sources.

5. Handle water and other natural resources responsibly and use only as much as you actually need.

6. Visit our vast Pohorje forests and be aware that you can only witness their natural splendour for a short time, as is the nature of plants and animals.

7.Travel green. Wherever possible, visit places on foot, by bicycle or by electric vehicle.

8. Get to know our authentic way of life; take part in home and farm chores and in doing so support the maintenance of our lifestyle.

9. Choose and eat locally grown food which is prepared in the traditional way and according to local customs that follow the seasonal rhythms of nature. Now is the time for sustainable gastronomy! Choose a certified product with the brand Tastes of Rogla.

10. Our Rogla is best presented by tour guides who know the most hidden corners, sights and stories about their origin and follow the Code for Sustainable Destination Tourist Guides.

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