Žiče grobeljnik

Žiče grobeljnik is a lovely plant with yellow flowers which does not grow anywhere else apart from Žiče along the way to the Žiče Charterhouse.

Along the path towards the famous Žiče Charterhouse there grows a botanical specialty: the lovely flower of žiče grobeljnik (Alyssum montanum sso. Pluscanescens), whose tiny, yellow sunny flowers open in April and May. It is endemic: it thrives only in Sotenjsko, in the vicinity of the quarry in the village of Žiče, just a few kilometers from the town of Slovenske Konjice.

How to recognize žiče grobeljnik?

This tiny, beautiful plant is a herbaceous perennial plant that grows 10 to 20 cm tall.

Žiče grobeljnik has:

  • spindle root,
  • gray-green branched stem,
  • rounded and sharp leaves and
  • yellow flowers that ripen into round fruits, scales.

Do not pick it up!!

Especially in April and May, when it blooms, stop at its growth site and photograph it for memory. But, remember, that žiče grobeljnik is endangered and rare, and its habitat is protected as a natural monument. Do not pick it up! Not only is picking and digging out prohibited, we can destroy this growing gem by exterminating it.