Slovenske Konjice

Head for Slovenske Konjice, a city embraced by the noble stories of the unprecedented Old Town Square, the wine-growing Zlati Grič and the mysterious Žiče Charterhouse.


The poet Ivan Minatti, born in Slovenske Konjice, wrote, "You Must Love Someone", and who knows if he also did not have in mind the city embraced by the noble stories?

vineyard in front of the settlement of Slovenske Konjice

A city with a fairytale location

Slovenske Konjice are safely held in the embrace of the famous Konjiška gora, from which The Old Castle reigns far away and where the picturesque, carefully cultivated wine-growing hills of the Zlati grič Wine Cellar produce the noblest wines. And in between ... a picturesque old town square centre with pastel houses, divided by the rippling stream.

The gifts of rich history and picturesque nature

While the Dravinja River has been watering the Dravinja Valley for thousands of years and gifting it life, a man has slowly but surely been forging history that would give goosebumps to the most easy-going people. Here the Konjice lords had been ruling at the Old Castle before the infamous Tattenbachs. On the other side of the green mountain, in the narrow valley of St. John the Baptist, an unprecedented monument was erected: the Žiče Charterhouse, which left its traces all over the valley. Even along the Konjice square, the Carthusian wind keeps blowing. After all, when the wooden Konjice burned down several times, they were rebuilt by the stones from the monastery.

Nowadays this gives true rarity to people of Konjice: a wonderful urban environment, built on a strong historical basis, and only a short walk away from it, trees centuries old, scent of meadows, diverse hiking trails and unforgettable scenery.