What we are best at?

At the Rogla ̶ Pohorje tourist destination, we have carefully collected our greatest valuables and treasures, thought about them, even dusted some of them, and perfected them to such an extent that we can proudly say, we are truly the best at this.


Explore, Feel, Enjoy.


Our places - from the Vitanje Karavanke, Pohorje and to the green Dravinja valley with wine-growing hills, call for visitors who like an active lifestyle. The breath-taking nature is a gift that cannot be replaced, and the imagination of locals weaves unique stories. Dive into thermal pools, play golf in the most beautiful terrain, explore the forests, waters and lakes or indulge in snow sports.

EXPLORE green escapes, urban walks, hiking trails and cycling paths.

FEEL summer and winter activities.


We are well aware that we live in an area that has relaxing, calming and even healing properties in everyday hustle and bustle. You just need to surround yourself with it and understand it. The natural healing factors: thermal water, Pohorje peat, volcanic mud fango and a mild climate with needle-scented air are indispensable riches and the source of our strength and energy.

FEEL the countryside, swimming pools, wellness and health.


A sharp and alert mind is needed to use a given environment and create adventures that excite the crowds to the point that they want more, as many times as possible. Children's faces are the most sincere measurement of success because they are not yet familiar with insincerity. Wide smiles and sparkling little eyes are the standard we do not shy away from and are always rewarded with.

EXPLORE ideas for the young researchers.

FEEL experiences.


In our places, delicious dishes are intertwined with the tradition of ancient recipes on weathered notes from the grandmother's kitchen and brilliant contemporary ideas. For centuries, Pohorje cuisine has adhered to the principle of cooking what nature has to offer at any given moment. And what it has to offer! Real mushrooms, fresh herbs, cranberries and blueberries, authentic homemade milk, venison specialties, scented wild garlic and the vast fields where we produce what our heart desires. The peaks of Pohorje cuisine are marked by the sign the Tastes of Rogla.

ENJOY the tastes.




When you come to us, bear in mind that you are arriving to the real, pristine countryside, to small towns, idyllic villages and a large proportion of agriculture. In many places, life here is more traditional, completely different from big cities. The energy of the countryside will take you into different spheres of thought, you will breathe and have a good laugh. The views across the dilligently tillaged farmland will inspire you. The tradition and traces of old times will astonish you. Go with the flow.

EXPLORE churches, museum collections and galleries.

FEEL the countryside.


All of the above: active lifestyle, care for the well-being, unforgettable experiences, authentic culinary arts, countryside and the tradition are also reflected in the events that round off the story of Rogla-Pohorje tourist destination. The love for local places inspires the locals that other people pay homage to them each year in their own way.

Check out which are our favourite EVENTS.