The Old Town Square Centre of Slovenske Konjice

One of the Slovenian most picturesque old town centres, divided by a stream, is planted just below the mighty Konjiška gora. Visiting Slovenske Konjice is a great trip.

Working hours:

To arrange a tour, come to the Tourist Information Center - TIC at Stari trg 27 in Slovenske Konjice.

T: +386 (0)3 759 31 10

M: +386 (0)51 444 141


Slovenske Konjice is almost a fairytale town. On the one side it is surrounded by the wine-producing Zlati grič, and on the other it is embraced by Konjiška gora, from which flows a stream, called:

  • Ribnica by the historians,
  • Zmajeva slina (Dragon's saliva) by people who believe in legends,
  • and Gospodična (Lady) by the romantics.


The stream flows almost exactly amidst the pastel-colored houses of the square, which was first mentioned in 1146. The square is reigned by the plague column of St. Florian with four saints, which together with Florian's fresco serve as a reminder of at least four medieval fires.

A Tip

Take a seat in one of the town square cafés, observe the town and order Minatti's coffee. The poet Ivan Minatti, who wrote »You Must Love Someone«, was born in Slovenske Konjice.

Do not miss

Just as the stream divides the old town centre, is the Dravinja River the boundary between the old and the new part of the town. On Saturdays there is a smell of the home market, and you can rest your eyes on the iconic fountain by Franc Purg, the Fountain for two birds - a symbol of the water cycle, life, freedom and revolution.

There you can catch the most beautiful view of St. George's Church. While walking up the square and beyond, do not miss out on:

  • the beautiful artworks of the boutique Riemer Town Gallery,
  • a city park with a pond, wooden children's toys and shades of trees,
  • the mighty Trebnik Manor where you can relax with natural cosmetics,
  • the ruins of the old Tattenbach Castle with spectacular views of the town.

Welcome to the weekend trip, embraced by the noble stories.