The Lovrenc Lakes

The Lovrenc Lakes are one of the most picturesque hiking points with unique nature. A simple hiking trail which is enriching in rewards, despite its simplicity.

Walking on the soft rug of meadow turf. Endless greenery. Caressing of fresh air.

The Lovrenc Lakes are the biggest high moor in Slovenia and one of the most important ones in the southern Europe, and they are therefore especially protected part of the largest Slovenian forest reserve. Surely, the picturesque lakes are the reason enough why Rogla is such a visited destination even during summer.

Hiking: one of the most beautiful Slovenian trails

The Lovrenc Lakes, also known as the Lovrenc's Pearls, are undoubtedly just that - pearls of natural beauty. A pleasant hiking trail to the Lovrenc Lakes leads through the Rogla's Plains, through the quiet forest and it endlessly rewards us with a view of the mighty green heath through which the lakes peep. During the summer white water lilies bloom in them.

The Lovrenc Lakes – identity card

  • 20 small lakes or bog windows with a maximum depth of 1.2 m, located at an altitude of 1500 m.
  • Formed in the Ice Age 8.000 years ago, as secondary erosion surfaces, since the bottom of all of them transforms into the Pohorje peat, a uniquely healing mud.
  • The area is completely free of surface inflow and is exclusively watered by precipitation water.

Inspiring flora as well as fauna

The trail will make a tremendous impression on nature lovers. Not only is the lake a soothing place for a weekend trip or the crown jewel of an active holiday; you may also catch a glimpse of some interesting creatures.

In addition to spruce, heath and white water lily, here also grow:

  • peat mosses,
  • a round-leafed dew which is CARNIVEROUS!,
  • a bog-rosemary and
  • a protected rusty-leaved alpenrose.

The wildlife is relatively scarce, but we can still come across:

  • an alpine newt,
  • a dragon fly (also endangered species of moorland hawker and white-faced darter!),
  • a critically endangered grouse.