The Climate Resort Rogla

The Climate Resort Rogla is famous for its fresh, clean air, favourable summer temperatures and the possibility of excellent trainings of top athletes.

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Rogla has been a renowned climate resort since 1996, when we didn't really know much about the solid particles in the air - and even today, the solid particles are not known.

Climate as a natural healing factor

The air at the altitude of 1517 meters, smelling of coniferous forest, has many healing properties, which is why people with respiratory problems and allergies like to go there. Rogla's mild climate has become one of the four renowned natural healing factors that are also well in use in the Medico Center of Terme Zreče Spa.

Mild summer temperature

Although most people know Rogla as a ski resort, the impact of the climate in summer merely intensifies. The air temperature rarely exceeds 24°C, even when the summer heat is mostly unbearable. Therefore, it is an ideal and healthy break for retired people, who are looking for a retreat, for children who would like to run outdoors, and for anyone who is looking for a quality night's rest.

New in 2024

The year 2024 at Rogla brings many exciting novelties for all visitors. From the adrenaline-pumping flying slide and mountain trike rides to the heated Mašinžaga chairlift. There will also be fun for the whole family at the Forest Challenge and on two new trails in the Bike Park.

The perfect place for even greater success of top sports people

For decades, the creme-de-la-creme of Slovenian and foreign top sports people have been returning to Rogla for sports preparations. Some exceptional athletes have gone directly from the preparations on Rogla for the most prestigious medals, such as:

  • the current European champions of the Slovenian basketball team at the time;
  • the Olympic cross-country skier Petra Majdič;
  • the Olympic judoists Tina Trstenjak, Ana Velenšek and Urška Žolnir;
  • the Slovenian handball team;
  • Goran Ivanišević, who won the Wimbledon after the preparations on Rogla, and Monika Seleš, who won the Grand Slam;
  • Goran Dragić, who brings children to the Rogla's Goran Dragić Basketball Camp every year and
  • many others.

Did you know?

On Rogla the sports people have the possibility to artificially increase the altitude in the so-called elevated (hypoxy) rooms. The oxygen lowering device can be found in 6 hotel rooms and a training room. Conditions, similar to those at altitudes of up to 7.000 meters, can be created there.