The Pohorje peat

The Pohorje peat is a unique natural peloid and an ecologically sound natural healing characteristic that occurs in swampy forests and cures many ailments.

The Pohorje peat is a unique natural peloid, useful for its nutritious and biologically active ingredients. It is extracted from the deep swampy areas of the Pohorje forest, where it has been formed for 10.000 years as an ecologically sound natural healing characteristic near the Lovrenc Lakes.

Peat is rare because it requires 3 conditions for its formation:

  • low annual temperatures,
  • heavy rainfall and
  • impermeable base.

What does the Pohorje peat consist of?

It consists of 90 % of water and 10 % of decomposed plant material that easily traps heat. When placed in a bath or a wrap and is in contact with the body, the peat with its humic acid slowly transfers the heat to the tissue, soothes the pain and promotes healing.

What does the Pohorje peat heal?

A peat bath:

  • removes dead skin cells,
  • improves circulation,
  • destroys fat cells and reduces cellulite,
  • stimulates the immune system and metabolism,
  • relaxes the muscles and
  • relieves inflammation and pain.

Peat wraps helps with:

  • achy muscles,
  • prolonged joint pain,
  • rheumatism,
  • acne and even
  • psychosomatic diseases.

Peat baths and wraps in Terme Zreče Spa

The Medico Center at Terme Zreče Spa makes good use of the Pohorje peat. In Terme Zreče Spa the peat wrap is heated to a pleasant 35–40°C. The body is set in a relaxing position and the body part which requires therapy is wrapped with the heated peat. The heat penetrates soothingly into the body for 20 minutes. During the peat bath, you dip yourself into the water for 20 minutes. The water, including the clean peat is heated to 30-35°C.