The Healing Acratothermal Water

The healing acratothermal water, which springs on the Pohorje, is the source of natural healing factor that fills the pools of Terme Zreče Spa and helps with many ailments.

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The healing acratothermal water with high content of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate also springs from the Pohorje, as if it did not have to offer enough jewels. It comes to the surface at the hot 34.5 degrees Celsius, and then it does its noble work in the 1600 m2 of water surfaces of the Terme Zreče Spa. With the verified natural healing factor, it has a beneficial effect on our ailments.

When does the healing acratothermal water help?

Soaking in the cosy thermal pools at the Terme Zreče Spa will do you really good after each strenuous physical activity. It relaxes and warms the muscles, helping to break down lactic acid. After an active day, hiking through the green forests or winding down the snowy slopes, enjoy an escape into the thermal water.

Acratothermal water is of utmost importance in balneo rehabilitation procedures, especially after:

  • limb injuries and disorders,
  • operations on large limb joints,
  • spinal diseases and surgery,
  • sports injuries and reconstructive surgery on the limbs,
  • degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the limbs,
  • peripheral nervous system diseases,
  • gynecological and oncological surgeries.