The Countryside Wellness at the Urška Tourist Farm

The Countryside Wellness at the Urška Tourist Farm is a different kind of experience and a true oasis of peace.

At the Urška Tourist Farm, they have built a real oasis of peace which warmly embraces you and protects you well from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Their countryside wellness consists of the House of Well-Being, the unique panoramic view and a healthy corner for refreshments during the relaxation.

The House of Well-Being

All 100 square meters of beautiful countryside wellness are permeated with tranquility. You can dedicate your resting time in:

  • the steam and Turkish sauna,
  • the masagging showers,
  • the bubble pool,
  • the hay baths and
  • the rest room.

A panoramic view

At the Urška Tourist Farm you will feel the real blending of the countryside with the divine panoramic view of the meadows, sprinkled with flowers and sheep - all straight from the pool with the gravel base on the wooden terrace.

A health corner

During your break, you will be able to refresh yourself whenever you choose to with homemade organic herbal tea and organic apples.