Winter on Pohorje

Travel to Pohorje: the winter wonderland in Slovenia

Magnificent and majestic, widespread, in the most silent crystal-covered rainforest and quiet below the ice-covered peat marshes, and most likely vivacious along the snow-covered plains and foothills; all of this is the massive Pohorje which we stealthily observe and sometimes experience from one of its three sides:

  • Maribor,
  • Carniola or
  • Zreče

A wide array of snowy entertainment and its equipment

The sparkly white bed on Pohorje discloses a snowy wonderland filled with lively opportunities to experience its exquisite nature. Be inspired by the one-of-a-kind Pohorje nature or Outdoor Slovenia.

FOR ALL AGES: Thick jackets, woollen socks, a beanie, scarf and warm gloves are a must to make a snow angel with someone else, surprise your friends with a small snowball or roll the small snowball over to make a tall snowman.

A couple on the snow in a ski outfit


FOR CHILDREN AT HEART: Do not forget your sleigh to present winter to your child and if you want to feel nostalgic, rent an old ski seat. Ever heard of the ice castles of King Mathias?

Rogla_Zima_2018_062_pohorska_vasica_otroci_sankanje (10)An icy castle surrounded by people


FOR ACTIVE INDIVIDUALS: When you want to experience crystal clear air, put on your cross-country skis to run cross-country along Rogla’s plains, Areh’s forests or slopes between Kope and the Ribnica Hut.

a couple on cross-country skis in a snowy landscapeThe man runs across the snowy landscape

FOR EXPLORERS: When you want to explore deer’s hidden trails, just find sturdy hiking shoes or, preferably, snowshoes or touring skis. Make memories that last and discover locations that will take your breath away.

a pair on snowshoes in a snowy landscape


  • Lovrenc Lakes The marshland below the ice becomes completely different and assumes a slight air of mysticism. The tiny 20 lakes are hardened by the ice for a few months and reflect the pastel-coloured heavens, all the while chilly heath peeks out of the snow below all around them.
  • The Ribnica Hut Deep in the hilly slopes, right next to the highest peak of Pohorje at 1530 meters of altitude, explorers of open doors are awaited by an alpine hut from where almost all of the most beautiful parts of Pohorje can be found.
  • The Black Lake A mysterious water surface, sometimes black, sometimes white, only a short distance away from the historical Osankarica, attracts with its wooden path, equipped with information boards.
  • The Skalce Waterfall The silent and gentle 16-metre waterfall hides a secret surprise every single time; is it going to spray gently or transform into an ice sculpture?
  • The Rainforest with the Mali and Veliki Šumik Waterfalls The ancient and most authentic part of the immeasurable Pohorje forests contains its original deciduous trees providing the natural thick greenery with new tones. Among them, you will get to hear the roar from the dark Pohorje rock from a small and large waterfall, called after its melody (šumeti means to fizz).

FOR SKIERS: If you want to dart around along the white plains as quickly as possible, use a snowboard or alpine skis and discover one of a total of 5 ski resorts on Pohorje.

Rogla ski resort from the panorama


  • Descend from one of the longest ski resorts in Slovenia, the Maribor Pohorje, until the gate of the pulsing city.
  • You can bring both skiing enthusiasts or enthusiastic beginners to the palette of ski resorts of the most frequented ski resort in Slovenia, Rogla.
  • When you want to dance properly in your ski boots after a skiing day, choose Kope.
  • The Ribnica Pohorje is a paradise for people who love to ski in peace, surrounded by nature.
  • The family-oriented Trije kralji (Three Kings) is used by families with small children who are not yet used to the skiing hustle and bustle.

skiers at the Kope ski resortilluminated ski resort Pohorje at night


Hit the road but no way hungry

Sustained by a Pohorje pot, original Pohorje salami, a blueberry pie and Pohorje omelette, you will have enough energy for an entire day; even for the nearby beautiful features only barely touching Pohorje or flirting shyly with it.

A plate with a casserole on a stack of firewoodtraditional dish Pohorje omelette on a plate


If you have reached Pohorje from Zreče, explore the thermal springs and the mysterious Žice Charterhouse; if from the Carniolan side, the cultural pulse of the art gallery and rich museums in the historic centre of Slovenj Gradec; if from Maribor, travel to Maribor, the centre of Styria and its capital, itself.

Bazeni_7993_Izidor_Kotnik_Unitur_mala.jpgŽička Kartuzija Monastery in winter

a tree in the yard in front of the housetown square with a church in Slovenj Gradec





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