The Pohorje Forests

The Pohorje forests are a treasury of giant trees, hiking trails and cycling routes, and a source of health of the tough Pohorje people. Explore them!

The Pohorje forests are centuries-old treasury of natural beauties, water springs, culinary delicacies, healing ingredients and hidden paths for relaxation and well-being. Giant trees, mostly spruce and other coniferous trees, ascending to the sky, boasting across the slopes, leaving space in between for solitary birches, ashes, chestnut trees, oak trees and larches.

Kingdom of plants and animals

Along the bubbling streams that run across the vast Pohorje, the lively green soft mosses grow, and on top of them ceps, and in between the clearings of the plateaus the healing and protected arnica, Hungarian gentian and baldrian. If you are calm and quiet, you might come across a mighty stag or a timid doe, and those with the most luck, especially along the hidden moors even the endangered black grouse.

4 natural healing factors

In addition to the medicinal herbs, the Pohorje forests are the source of 4 natural healing factors that are well used in the Medico Center Terme Zreče Spa:


Through hiking:

Through cycling:

  • from Rogla to Skomarje, when the trip is combined with cultural attractions,
  • from Rogla to the Veliki Šumik Waterfall, if you would like to feel the power of the primeval forest,
  • the Pohorje section of the Slovenian Cycling Route, if you would really like go through the forest thoroughly.