The wine-growing regions of Škalce and Zlati grič

The wine-growing region of Škalce is the world of first-class wines of Zlati grič, culinary surpluses, long strokes of golf balls and endless views across vineyards.

When you think of Slovenske Konjice, apart from the picturesque square town centre, you most certainly imagine the hills covered with prescious vines, hosted by Škalce - not necessarily in this order. If the wine and the hilly landscape have not yet kindled your conceptual spark, the name of Zlati grič (Golden Hill) will.

Why is this hill so golden?

  • A walk along the wine road through the wine growing region of Škalce is breathtaking at any time of the year.

The sun sprinkles Škalce with a golden glow.

  • The hilly landscape features a gallery of paintings: elegant vineyards, a friendly golf course and the town that touches them.

The leaves of the vines and the full grapes shine like gold in the autumn.

It is Konjice's tradition to catch the last sun rays through the glass of golden wine.

Have you tasted the Konjice wines?

Even before the winding wine road raises above Slovenske Konjice, in order to look at its noble stories, you are greeted on the way by a modern, natural building incorporated into nature. The modern Zlati grič Wine Cellar, with its hard work on 400 acres of vineyards, pours into giant barrels the Konjice treasure – the wine.

  • Styria is the home of the golden wines, such as Chardonnay and Rhine Riesling, which won the title of knights' wine in 1994 in the bottle of Zlati grič.
  • Among the red wines, the queen is a fresh Blaufränkisch.
  • In these parts we make a toast with Konjice sparkling wine to the most noble of opportunities.