The Grič Inn

In the middle of a wine-growing fairy tale, the Grič Inn is by far one of the most inspiring culinary destinations without exaggeration.

Even before you taste the first bite and sip a precious drink for the first time (from Zlati grič, of course), the Grič Inn will amaze you with its image of a traditional inn, planted in the heart of the beautiful wine-growing hills and overlooking the beautiful Slovenske Konjice. At the Grič Inn, a young culinary master, Andrej Smogavc, puts his culinary skills to the test and unprecedented talent on the plates. He will surprise you with an unmistakable sense of the combinations, textures and harmonious intertwinings of seemingly simple ingredients.


  • the mouth-melting duck liver,
  • a pork neck confit & shanks with rhubarb and onion,
  • a dessert Ajda (Buckwheat) with aronia and sour milk, which received the quality sign Tastes of Rogla.