The Golf at the Zlati grič

The golf lovers can test themselves on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia - between the winegrowing Škalce hills and the Zlati Grič.

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It is said that the Zlati Grič is, among its vast picturesque vineyards, hiding the most beautiful golf course in Slovenia. The 9 diverse playgrounds with joint length of 2500-meters which you can visit from March to November are divinely fused with the idyllic landscapes.

Professionals, beginners, never tried golf?

Playing golf at the Zlati Grič Golf Course is challenging, but it offers a relaxing game, full of challenges even for the less experienced players. If you have not tried golf before, here is a great opportunity to try it out for the first time. Learn golf at the golf course training in Dobrava under the supervision of the Zlati Grič Golf Club.

3 tips for a perfect day after a game of golf:

  • The reception of the golf course also offers the selection of the top wines of the Zlati Grič vinery. In the immediate vicinity you can also enjoy a tour of the modern Zlati Grič vinery with wine tasting.
  • For the hungry after the golf, the door to the Grič Inn is open which can be seen from all over the course. From there you will see the playground and Slovenske Konjice under the hills.
  • Extend the game into an excursion and visit the beautiful old town square of Slovenske Konjice.