The Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley

The rich history of firefighting in Konjice and furthermore is collected at the Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley with more than 1000 exhibits.


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Working hours:

The tour can be previously arranged at the TIC – Tourist Information Centre of Slovenske Konjice:

Stari trg 27, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

T: +386 (0)3 759 31 10

M: +386 (0)51 444 141



Firefighting has a rich tradition in Slovenske Konjice. Ever since Konjice were just a small square, the Square Centre of Konjice was damaged by fire four times, which is evident from the monuments and paintings of St. Florjan, the patron saint of firefighters. The first fire guard of Konjice was established in 1873.

The Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley

Considering the rich history of firefighting in this region, the Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley was established in 2000 at the premises of the Slovenske Konjice Fire Department.

2 general collections:

  • Collection of firefighting professional literature, chronicles, fire orders, original manuscripts and other documents from firefighting history,
  • Collection of photos, cups, awards, calendars, banners, historic landmarks and other objects.

10 special collections:

  • Collection of medals,
  • Collection of fire ranks and insignia,
  • Collection of announcements and alarms of fires and accidents,
  • Collection of old open and closed lights,
  • Collection of hand fire extinguishers,
  • Collection of old fire fighting equipment and work equipment,
  • Collection of firefighting uniforms,
  • Collection of firefighter's hats,
  • Collection In Touch with Time,
  • Collection of paintings of the Architecture of fire-fighting homes - centenarians - in Slovenia.

Did you know?

The museum holds more than 1000 firefighting exhibits over 250 m2.

Our recommendations:

When you visit the Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley, you can also go ahead to the Collection of Military Objects from the Austro-Hungarian Period in the immediate vicinity. Within easy reach is the Trebnik Manor, in which you can relax in a charming manor park that also houses a children's playground.