The Trebnik Manor

The renowned Trebnik Manor offers a Herbal Gallery of great quality, a mighty manor park and the natural cosmetics test. A must see when visiting Slovenske Konjice.

In the shades of Konjiška Gora, just a stone's throw away from the Old Town Square Center of Slovenske Konjice, surrounded by the centuries-old trees, lies the Trebnik Manor. It was first mentioned as early as 1362. Its most important owners were the Windischgrätz family until the World War II, and its greatest fan was the Princess Christiana Windischgrätz, who kept returning to Slovenske Konjice. Today, the visits of the famous family to Slovenske Konjice have become traditional once again.

The manor, centre for relaxation and selfness

The picturesque manor, whose centre is characterized by magnificent arches, a central staircase, stucco and cassette ceilings, representative doors and marble fireplaces, is much better off today than it was years ago when it was left to decay after the World War II.

The northern tract was restored by the municipality of Slovenske Konjice in 2013.  It was opened up as:

  • the reception of the first dispersed hotel in Slovenia,
  • the Christiana's room – a multi-purpose hall, named after the Princess who lived there,
  • various facilities connected to healing and wellness.

The southern wing of the Mansion was renovated and since a music school has been settled here.

Although Trebnik Mansion premises does not offer tourist visits, the Trebnik Mansion, in Slovenske Konjice, is a must-see. There is an extraordinary, calming energy around the beautiful building and among the canopy of centuries-old trees in the park above.

3 suggestions for your visit to Trebnik Mansion:

  • Sit on a bench above the Mansion and observe the centuries-old trees or take an easy run around the track.
  • Observe an interesting sculpture of a powerful woman stood next to a fallen horse, created by the academic sculptor Vasilije Ćetković–Vasko.
  • Treat yourself to the most beautiful view of the Mansion from a tiny island in the middle of a pond.

Princess Christiana must have known why she kept spending so much time at her summer residence in Slovenske Konjice and why the rich herbal garden was an invaluable treasure.