The new summer issue of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination Newspaper

22. Jul. 2020
The fifth issue of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination newspaper is coming our way, this time for the summer season. Again, it has been prepared in a printed and digital version. It will serve as an important guide to visitors of our places from this July onward until the end of November 2020.

NOW IS THE TIME to »explore, feel and enjoy,« Rogla-Pohorje.

Take the time to discover Rogla’s hidden corners, green plains, gorges, fountains, old monasteries, mysterious walls, numerous churches, unusual paths between treetops, and intergalactic space discoveries. The possibilities are endless. There’s something for the more adrenaline-fuelled ones, to the calm and meditative ones, and even the virtual ones. Everything is possible at Rogla-Pohorje in the embrace of unspoiled nature. Green. Safe.Friendly. Sustainable. Genuine. Delicious.

Listen to the birds, the murmur of natural running water, and the whistle of the wind. Listen to the stories of the forest. Talk to nature. Let it be you, Rogla, and Pohorje. They will embrace and encapsulate you in all their beauty. Now is the time for holidays in the middle of Pohorje‘s forests and green plains. Time for active,outdoor exploration, far away from the crowds.

Hospitable locals await you with open arms, with fragrant delicacies, with stories from the past, and with established high standards in response to the new reality to ensure your safety and the safety of locals. We are proud recipients of the Slovenia Green Destination Bronze certificate. If that’s not enough proof of our sustainability and moderation, you can come and see. We have more than just words written on paper…

We welcome you! Now is the time!


FLIP THROUGH IT and listen to the proud heartbeat of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination story.