The new issue of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination Newspaper

20. Jan. 2020
Accompanied by the scent of winter, the fourth issue of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination newspaper is coming our way, dressed in a winter coat. Again, it has been prepared in a printed and digital version. It will serve as an important guide to visitors of our places from this December onward until the end of April 2020.

In its colorful pages, the newspaper will direct them on how to best "explore, feel and enjoy" this stunning part of Northeastern Slovenia, while reminding the people who proudly live and create here what an important role we play in this story.

For the second season in a row, the newspaper has been created together with creative individuals, locals, the tourism industry and local communities of the municipalities of Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje and Zreče, united in the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination. This  issue will take you to the Pohorje spruces, which can be admired from the bird's eye view since September, to the ski slopes of Rogla and to the thermal Zreče, as well as to those more hidden places of our destination, which even in winter time provide 5-star experiences of peace, tranquility and unspoilt nature. We write about people who "create with heart" and open their doors to visitors, about extraordinary events that are occurring, about the mysterious baroness Adelma von Vay, and about many other interesting things.

Flip through it and listen to the proud heartbeat of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination story.


We wish you pleasant reading.