The Natura Wellness on Rogla

The Natura Wellness on Rogla is a different kind of wellness. It will introduce you to the healing world of the Pohorje nature, taking your gaze even further to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

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After an active day, look for relaxation at the Natura Wellness on Rogla, which is designed for wellbeing and draws inspiration from the surrounding Pohorje nature. The bright colors, the scent of Pohorje's flora and the warmth of the wood will reveal the world of luxury and harmony. Unforgettable saunas, a massage pool on the terrace, relaxing massages, treatments and baths are waiting for you.

Choose from a wide selection of saunas in the Natura Wellness:

  • the infrared sauna the Wild Blackberry
  • the Finnish Hercules' sauna Good thought
  • the Turkish sauna Mother's sweetheart
  • the salt sauna Heart's strength
  • the Finnish panoramic sauna.

The panoramic sauna on the terrace, overlooking the forests and in the background the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is one of the biggest attractions of the Natura Wellness. In winter, a part of the programme is carried out outside by rubbing with snow, and the programme ends in the massage pool next to the sauna.

Did you know?

The sauna in the Nature Wellness has a special room with ice flakes.

TOP 3 massages at the Natura Wellness:

We recommend that at the Natura Wellness you choose one of the top three massages, which are at the same time the most special ones.

  • The Pohorje Pearl massage includes a sugar scrub mixed with Pohorje herbs such as marigold, thyme, arnica, lemon balm, and ginger.
  • The Scent of Pine Forest is an anti-stress back massage with a mud wrap and the scent of pine needles.
  • The Touch of Nature is a unique massage with pleasantly heated pouches of Pohorje herbs, combined with classic massage techniques.

A tip:

As for the baths, choose a healing bath with the Pohorje peat.