The Pohorje Marketplace on Rogla

The Pohorje Marketplace on Rogla combines the creme-de-la creme Pohorje delicacies and quality products, since most of the providers carry the quality sign the Tastes of Rogla.

The Pohorje marketplace on Rogla offers two varieties: winter and summer. In any case, it is intended primarily to introduce the surrounding farmers, quality food producers and local creators, who represent the best local goods. It should come as no surprise that most of them carry the prestigious quality sign the Tastes of Rogla.

When would you like to visit the Pohorje marketplace on Rogla?

  • In winter, during the ski season, you will find the Pohorje marketplace in the warm Planja Hotel, on top of Rogla, every Thursday from 4 pm.
  • In summer, the Pohorje marketplace is part of the traditional happy Sundays on Rogla, so you can find it every Sunday in the event tent between 11 am and 5 pm.

A tip:

You can combine the visit to the Pohorje marketplace with an active excursion - skiing on white slopes or hiking to the famous Lovrenc Lakes. In any case, the appetite after an active day will be so much bigger that the taste of Pohorje delicacies will really feel good. Or you could always take home with you a piece of delicious Pohorje.