The Zlati grič Wine Cellar

The Zlati grič Wine Cellar is a mighty building, excellently hidden within nature which makes an impression with its original architectural appearance and fine wines.

When you think of Slovenske Konjice, it is difficult to get rid of the image of the famous view of the hills, intertwined with charming vineyards. The Zlati grič Wine Cellar, the warehouse, containing the most precious golden product of the vine, represents their core.

A special feature of this part of Europe

The Zlati grič Wine Cellar, merged with the natural environment, completely dug into the ground with grassy roofs, is architecturally and technologically one of the most modern objects of its kind in this part of Europe.

3 astonishing facts about the Zlati grič Wine Cellar:

  • The object covers 3.500 m² .
  • The cellar has room for 1.3 million liters of top quality Zlati grič wine.
  • On the outside of the cellar you can only see the individual facade elements which are originally incorporated in the vineyard's landscape.

Experiences and traditions go hand in hand

For decades, Konjice wines have represented a strong name among wine connoisseurs. The knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, has produced wines that are worthy of the quality sign of Tastes of Rogla and of course your tasting. See for yourself how insanely large and unusual is the Zlati grič Wine Cellar, how elegant and sophisticated are its wines, and how the bottle of Konjice sparkling wine is opened with a knightly saber.

A tip: Treat yourself to a glass of harmonious semi-dry Rhine Riesling, fruity aromatic Blaufränkisch and a sip of meady late harvest. On special occasions, toast to yourself with the Konjice Vintage sparkling wine.