The Žvikart Beekeeping

The Žvikart Beekeeping is a synonym for craftsmanship with bees and products from sweet honey in the Dravinja Valley.

Please contact the Žvikart family to arrange a visit and tasting.

Žvikart Beekeeping

Mizarska 21

3210 Slovenske Konjice

T: +386 (0) 3 575 55 23, +386 (0) 41 548 135


The love of bees was born many years ago in the Žvikart family from Konjice. As early as 1956, the father Franc was given a very prestigeous beekeeping title of a skilled beekeeping worker, and exactly 50 years later his son Aleksander added to this with a noble title of a beekeeping master. The Žvikart Beekeeping is the only one in Slovenia holding both titles.

From humble beginnings to honey masters

From a few amateur beekeeping families, the father and the son developed their bee mission to around 350 hives. Most of their bees graze in the unspoiled nature in the vicinity of the famous Žiče Charterhouse.

The bee products which will surprise you

At Žvikart family you will discover a treasury of honey and other bee products with a beneficial effect on our health.

  • Their forest honey, cinnamon-flavoured cream spread and blueberry honey elixir bear the quality sign the Tastes of Rogla.
  • They offer 6 types of honey: floral, acacia, chestnut, linden, forest and silver fir honey.
  • They also produce bee jewels: pollen, royal jelly, propolis and a mixture of melamix.
  • Have you heard of honey with beetroot juice and cream honey, also with hazelnut, vanilla and cinnamon flavours?
  • You can also have a sweet treat with honey brandy and honey blueberry brandy.
  • You can pick a gift from 40 gift sets with packaging made from natural materials.

The countryside offers sweet experiences

You will arrive at the Žvikart Beekeeping, if you take the Culinary Trail of Herbs, Fragrances and Honey. Being a part of the culinary trail or not, the Žvikart family will always kindly show you and present to you their beekeeping, explain the importance of apiculture and invite you to taste their sweet honey delicacies.