The Cross-Country Skiing on Rogla

The cross-country skiing on Rogla will take you miles away to the untouched parts of the fairytale sparkling Pohorje nature.

Imagine the winter rising sun, colouring the sky into pastel shades of blue, changing into pink, while in the pleasant morning chill you already put on your cross-country skis. And then ... you bravely and truly actively head for the snowy nature. Only a few meters away from the Rogla Ski Resort.

Not just cross-country skiing, but running philosophy

On Rogla, you will not only arrive to a simple cross-country skiing trail. This is where lives the running philosophy of the Rogla Ski and Running Center, located next to the Hotel Natura, which includes:

  • the start-finish arena, especially suitable for learning and practicing beginners;
  • the cross-country skiing course;
  • variously demanding tracks across 25 kilometers;
  • the Running bar at Hotel Natura, where you can enjoy soups, frying pan food, homemade pasta and of course indispensable tea;
  • service, storage and rental of running equipment;
  • Hotel Natura and Natura Wellness, offering unforgettable active vacations in the embrace of pampering in the panoramic sauna, with a pleasant massage and nutritious natural treatments.

3 attractions:

  • Under normal snow conditions, the Rogla landfill poligon is regularely maintained twice a day.
  • The cross-country skiing center hosts numerous regional competitions organized by sports clubs and the Slovenian Ski Association.
  • Petra Majdič, the most successful Slovenian cross-country skier of all times, also trained on Rogla.

Want to refresh your knowledge or learn new techniques?

You can learn or perfect a classic or skating technique at the Intersport Snow Sports School.