Dwarf's Educational Trail on Rogla

With the Pohorje Dwarf mobile app, you are accompanied on this educational trail by a real, talking Dwarf, which you can see right in the middle of nature!


Sports Centre Rogla

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E: rogla@unitur.eu

I: www.rogla.eu

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For several years, the Dwarf Educational Trail on Rogla has been one of the most popular activities in these parts for the youngest. Along the way, the real talking Dwarf, which you can see right in the middle of nature, accompanies you with the Pohorje Dwarf mobile app!

On the Dwarf Educational Trail you can:

  • find educational boards,
  • explore where the giant wooden statues of Pohorje animals, hunting yarns, the Dwarf's Lodge and the mysterious Dwarf's Tunnel are
  • try to collect 6 stamps of Pohorje animals in exchange for the prize, you then print the stamps on a wooden plate (this can be found at the reception of Hotel Planja, the Zlodej's toboggan run, the Uniorček bar and the Rogla Cycling-Hiking Centre),
  • discover 6 locators with the Pohorje Dwarf app, through the screen of a mobile phone or tablet you will see a live, wiggling and talking virtual Dwarf in the middle of Pohorje nature.

The Dwarf will give you many instructive information about nature, the greatest treasure of Pohorje, packed into fun anecdotes and challenges and will introduce you to his friends.

The Pohorje Dwarf mobile application from the Play Store or App Store is FREE OF CHARGE.

Starting point: Hotel Planja on Rogla

Length: 4 km

Hiking time: 1 hour (circular route)

Difficulty: easy

Points of interest: educational boards along the trail about climate, flora and fauna, lookout tower, hunting yarn, Dwarf's Lodge, Dwarf's Tunnel, collecting Dwarf stamps in exchange for the prize, the mobile app virtual Dwarf