Konjiška gora

Konjiška gora is a treasury of Konjice history, covered with forest and an opportunity for hiking or cycling.

Konjiška gora is a natural barrier that separates the Dravinja Valley from the Celje Basin. Its steep, beech-forested slopes give shelter and the grace of nature just a few minutes' walk from the town. The 7 fairy-tale summits are a stimulating force for hiking to the Konjice inhabitants.

3 typical spots of Konjiška gora

  • The trademark of Konjiška gora, visible from afar, is one of the oldest castles in our country; the Old Castle on Konjiška gora, formerly the property of the famous Tattenbach family, offering a divine view of the town from its ruins.
  • There are several hiking trails leading from the castle:
  • a quick and easy trail to Skala, a hiking excursion point protruding from the mountain that unfolds Slovenske Konjice from a bird's eye view (tip: it smells of wild garlic in May),
  • onwards from Skala, an extension of the trip to the other side of Konjiška gora to the Žiče Charterhouse,
  • a bit more demanding trail to the highest peak of Konjiška gora, Stolpnik (1012 m), from which you can also see across the Slovenian borders.
  • The cyclists who pass by the cemetery and the Church of St. Anne like to take the sandy route to the Three Crosses.

The Konjice legends

  • Konjiška gora is composed of silicates and limestone. According to an ancient legend, the mountain is hollow, with a giant lake where a dragon used to live. In exchange for not destroying the town, he claimed 6 virgins each year. When it was the turn of the lord's daughter, Marjetica, Jurij galloped on a white horse, cut off the dragon's head and saved the town. Hence the Church of St. George (Jurij), the names of Konjice and Konjiška gora and the coat of arms with the white horse on a red background.
  • Konjiška gora is rich in water resources. Legend has it that one day, a lady from the Konjice castle was walking through the woods and as she was being thirsty, she recklessly drank the ice-cold water from a well. When she returned, she fell ill and died, since she drank the cold water while being hot. In her honour, the spring running past the castle was named Gospodična (Miss), and some locals also use this name for the Ribnica creek in the square.

A tip where to go with a child:

Explore Slovenske Konjice and the Trebnik Manor, get to know the Konjice legend and Konjiška gora. You should follow the Little Dragon's Forest Educational Trail.