The Parish Church of St. George in Slovenske Konjice

The Parish Church of St. George in Konjice comes from the ancient times. The Konjice Parish has a special status of Archdiocese and the priest is called the Archdeacon.


Visiting the church is free of charge.


Working hours:

The church is always open.

The Parish of Konjice, with its venerable history, goes so far back that it is called Archdiocese. It separated itself from the Parish of Hoče between 1085 and 1096.

The proof of the age of the Parish of Konjice is first mentioned in 1146 in the Charter of the Patriarch of Pellegrinus of Aquileia. On the basis of it, Slovenske Konjice celebrated its 870th anniversary a few years ago.

The Konjice church dates even further back

The first Konjice church definitely stood before the Charter of Pellegrinus, and the new one is its successor.

The unusual status of Archdiocese and Archdeacon

The Parish of Konjice has the status of Archdiocese because of Dr. Michael Napotnik, the local who was Prince-Bishop of Lavant. On the basis of the apostolic letter from Pope Pius X. in 1910, every Archpriest of Slovenske Konjice is entitled to the title of Archdeacon, according to which he may carry certain insignia of a bishop.

What does the Church of St. George have to offer:

  • The main altar was once accompanied by the 12 side altars, only 5 of which are seen today.
  • Attention is drawn to 4 statues in supernatural size: St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Jerome and St. John the Baptist.
  • Particularly interesting are the stairs leading to the church choir in a housing, resting on one of the beams of the nave.
  • On the outer wall of the chapel you can see the sundial.
  • Several tombstones are built into the walls, including the epitaph of Ortolf of Konjice.
  • It holds a preserved late Gothic mantle with the image of a mermaid and the year 1657.
  • The initiative for the construction of the church and the establishment of the parish is attributed to the gentry of Konjice from the Old Castle on Konjiška gora.