The Jamnik Castle (Holenstein) in Zreče

The Jamnik Castle is the biggest historical secret of Pohorje. It was one of the few cave castles.

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The Jamnik Castle, Holenstein in German, is the biggest historical secret of Pohorje and a real treat for everybody who is enthusiastic about the ancient Middle Ages. Its exact location is unknown, and it is not entirely certain that the castle actually existed. We can only conclude that it was surrounded by high walls, ditches and towers.

What do we know about the »Pohorje Atlantis«?

  • The Jamnik castle (Holenstein) in Zreče was in written sources mentioned in 1342, when Henrik Tanner erected the Church of St. Pancras under the fort.
  • The castle was suppose to be located near an enlarged cave and was built as one of the few cave castles.
  • For some time it was to be owned by the Konjice gentry, and numerous other owners are known.
  • The castle was last mentioned in 1477.

After the castle: the Jamnik Mansion

We know for certain that at the present Pavlak homestead, at the foot of Golek near the town of Zreče, a spacious manor stood, also called Jamnik or Holenstein. It is possible that the mansion began to be built in 1369, when the brothers Henrik and Leopold received the Jamnik Castle from the Viltuš family. However, unfortunately there is little trace left about the mansion. It is not even known exactly when the mansion decayed. The Chapel of St. Pancras was certainly abandoned in 1783.

The greatest evidence of the existence and appearance of the Jamnik Mansion is the Vischer's copper engraving. The reason for the scarce information about the specific Jamnik is the later formation of the quarry. We obtaIned the information that the Church of St. Pancras was only blown up in 1911 for this particular reason. Its garden still bears witness to the existence of the mansion.