The Freudenberg Castle in Zreče

The Freudenberg Castle is just a remnant of the ruins on Brinjeva gora, and despite this it represents a great hiking trip and an opportunity for exploration.

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A group tour (of at least 10 people) can be previously arranged at the LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ TIC Zreče, Cesta na Roglo 13b in Zreče.

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The Freudenberg Castle, which was supposedly built around the 12th century, can only be found today as a remnant of the scarce ruins on a steep ridge where Brinjeva gora rises, near the famous pilgrimage church of the Mother of God. It has been decaying since the 15th century onwards, and its existence is evident from the stone remains and the name of a nearby farm - Podgrajšek.

An exploration trip and hiking

The hikers usually start using their imagination of the ruins of the Freudenberg Castle, as they ascend from the town of Zreče towards the Brinjeva gora pilgrimage, where they stay for a while and contemplate  about the ancient history. Following the tracks you find, it will be difficult to conclude how big the Freudenberg Castle was and what it looked like.

Maybe you will be the one to find it out!!

A happy or a miserable castle?

The name Zreče really means a river basin, but at the time it was mistakenly interpreted as luck because it sounds similar. The latter is known in German as die Freude. Therefore, the castle was named Freudenberg, which literally means – A Happy Hill. Unfortunately, the castle was prematurely ruined.

The story of the Zreče coat of arms

In 1375, the caretaker of the Viltuš Castle, together with Henrik, the caretaker of the Konjice Castle, sealed a document which carries a very similar seal to the one of the caretaker Jurij, who lived here from 1377 to 1381. Two plant leaves, placed in a heart motif were painted by the seal, and based on this the historian dr. Božo Otorepec developed today's coat of arms of municipality of Zreče.