The Brinjeva gora

Brinjeva gora, a popular hiking, cycling and climbing destination, is marked by the ancient history of prehistoric times and the pilgrimage Church of Mother of God.

Brinjeva gora is nowadays a picturesque and popular destination for hiking, cycling and even climbing. Several trails and possibilities for trips that lead to it are:

  • a set road to the pilgrimage Church of Holy Mother of God, accessible by car and a pleasant cycling tour,
  • several hiking trails (our suggestion: from Oplotnica or from Zreče) and
  • an alpine climbing direction, called the Boštjan's Trail.

Brinjeva gora and its ancient history

Brinjeva gora is also marked by an honorable ancient past. With the discovery of mounds and other pre-Slavic burial grounds, it was proven that the area was already populated during the Copper Age by the Celts, Romans, all the way to the Old Slavic settlements. In the Middle Ages, the Freudenberg Castle flourished nearby. Not far away from here, the ancient route led the two brothers, Cyril and Methodius to Rome. The monks from the Žiče Charterhouse, with their esteemed estates in Zreče, are most likely responsible for the Church of God on Brinjeva gora, since they were devoted worshipers of Mary.

A truly special pilgrimage Church of Holy Mother of God

The unusual, yet visually stunning Church of Holy Mother of God in the wreath of three churches on the ridge of Brinjeva Gora, Golika and Brezje, is the youngest one. They started building in 1769, but is best known for its pilgrimage activity. The main pilgrimage congregation to Brinjeva gora takes place on the Pentecost afternoon.

Check out also:

An exhibition of excavations on Brinjeva Gora from the ancient times in the form of coins, vessels, statues and the like is on display at the Atrij Hotel in Terme Zreče Spa. The exhibition can be seen free of charge at any time while the Atrij Hotel is open.