The Ošlak's Blacksmithery

The Ošlak's Blacksmithery is the only preserved example of the old blacksmithing craft from the respectable 18th century in the Zreče region.


  • Adults: 2 €
  • Children: 1 €

Working hours:

The tour can be previously arranged at the LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ TIC Zreče, Cesta na Roglo 13b in Zreče.

T: +386 (0) 3 759 04 70



The written sources testify that Ošlak's blacksmithery, once home to a small farmer, blacksmith, sawmiller and carpenter near Zreče, was built around 1770. However, the year of construction - 1789 - reigns above the entrance of the ancient home.  Ever since then the blacksmithery in the Pohorje forest has been making an impression on the image it has today. In 1997 it was designated a cultural monument.

An interesting fact

The Ošlak's blacksmithery was continuously working until the 1990s. Although blacksmithing is a tradition of the Ošlak family, the family decided not to continue with the craft anymore. Nevertheless, the Dravinja River has been powering the driving wheel for approximately 250 years.

Blacksmithery in Zreče: Don't miss out on an authentic experience!

Blacksmithery has always been a way to survive at the Zreče countryside. This is evident even today by the blacksmithery of the Unior company. However, the old blacksmithing craft at the Ošlak's blacksmithery spins the wheels of time so authentically, that we are amazed at and almost feel the spirit of the old manly blacksmiths who were the pioneers of this craft on Pohorje.

At the Ošlak's blacksmithery your curiosity will be awakened by:

  • an old residential house,
  • an outbuilding,
  • a blacksmithery,
  • a Venetian saw with a carpenter's workshop,
  • a wooden shed and
  • a new residential house.

These magnificent monuments of blacksmithing stand out:

  • two water wheels and other water-powered devices,
  • the blacksmithery,
  • the material and product stacker
  • the air pump with water drop,
  • the double-sided piston air pump,
  • the hammer, known as 'repač' in jargon,
  • and a sumptuous collection of original homemade tools which served the farmer at that time.