The Beer Bath in the Guesthouse pod Roglo

It is highly unlikely that you have ever seen the beer bath of the Guesthouse pod Roglo (under Rogla) anywhere else.

The beer bath in the Guesthouse pod Roglo is almost certainly something that you have not seen anywhere else. Although it sounds like a trend - the bath made of quality ingredients, shared with beer, is based on the old healing practice.

What is really a beer bath?

The beer bath really means that the oak bathtubs are hand-filled with warm, crystal clear Pohorje water to which hops, yeast and malt are added. The bath is not only a relaxing and nurturing experience, but also a culinary indulgence. In a private room together with a beer bath you will be offered an unlimited amount of the blacksmith's beer, served together with the freshly baked small pizzas and blacksmith's cold cuts.

What is the purpose of the beer bath?

The beer bath has many healing effects on the body.

  • The high content of hops will refresh your skin and make it pleasantly soft, while enabling complete relaxation.
  • The beer yeast is full of vitamins B which nourish and regenerate skin.
  • A unique combination of natural ingredients stimulates metabolism, eliminates fatigue and relieves stress.

Did you know?

The Blacksmith's Beer proudly bears the quality sign the Tastes of Rogla.