The Rogla Energy Park

The Rogla Energy Park is a park based on a genuine geomantic study of the site, which has a soothing effect with its energy points, helps with regeneration and seeks contact with nature.

For more information come to the Hotel Natura on Rogla:

T: +386 (0)3 757 72 80


The Rogla Energy Park is located next to the Hotel Natura on Rogla. Together with the Sensory Path it is a part of the same zone for relaxation, tranquility and connection with oneself and nature.

Internalization and meditation at the Rogla Energy Park

The Rogla Energy Park is based authentically on the natural origin of the energy points of the Rogla's geosphere, where you reconnect with the Earth's healing resources. The whole area surrounding the Hotel Natura is characterized by internalization, the sense of peace is particularly prominent. The healing stones were erected on the basis of the geomantic site study. The energy points serve for regeneration, and with the help of a geomantic guide, accompanied by the specific holistic exercises, you will establish contact with the Earth's cosmic connection, which influences the spiritual and physical body to fully vitalize.

At the Rogla Energy Park add to your relaxation the guided experience of the Pohorje forest with all the senses, bearing the sign Tastes of Rogla:

  • a barefoot walk along the Sensory Path, where you will feel the natural elements of Pohorje under your feet, smell the herbs, observe the forest and go Kneipping right in the nature;
  • learning about dendrotherapy, exploring the healing power of trees;
  • feasting on the grass carpet;
  • anti-stress massage at the Hotel Natura.