The Planja Wellness on Rogla

The Planja Wellness on Rogla calms and provides a complete escape from everyday worries with its typical Pohorje atmosphere.

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The Planja Wellness on Rogla is a unique place for relaxation and escape from the daily hustle and bustle which idyllically relaxes you. Upon entering its world, you are initially greeted by a charming pool, to swim away your worries. Take special care of the relaxed muscles in the massage pool, then head for the new possibilities for pampering in:

  • wonderful saunas in the typical Pohorje atmosphere,
  • one of the massages with warm bundles of mountain herbs, aromatic anti-stress oils and therapeutic movements which soothe sore muscles and speed circulation,
  • revitalizing baths alone or as a couple (including the healing peat) and
  • rejuvenating and protective treatments with black magma and volcanic stones for flawless skin.

Which sauna will you go to?

  • The Finnish sauna stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessels, and is exceptional in relieving stress, eliminating skin diseases and reducing cellulite.
  • The steam in the steam sauna with Pohorje herbs eliminates harmful metabolic residues. Together with natural essential oils it has a positive effect on the respiratory system. It even alleviates rheumatic diseases, arthritis and helps eliminate excess weight.
  • The Carbon sauna, thanks to the carbon panel technology, works at a much lower temperature, which is more pleasant for the body.
  • The infra sauna works profoundly, releasing the tension and overheating the body, and is also excellent in slowing down aging.
  • The extended rest area with hay beds and whirlpool programmes help you get in touch with yourself.