The Sauna Village at the Terme Zreče Spa

The Sauna Village at the Terme Zreče Spa is a well-known sauna village near and far in which it smells of the Pohorje herbs, Pohorje wood and its hospitality.

Check out the prices and working hours of the Sauna Village at Terme Zreče Spa.

The Sauna Village at the Terme Zreče Spa is what the name says: a real village, imitating the Pohorje environment. On the floor there lie the Pohorje stones, the well-known granite, and all around it smells of wood and herbs, surrounding the nature of the Terme Zreče Spa.

Which saunas are available?

The lovers of Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas with various crystal and color therapies will benefit mostly here. They offer:

  • 5 Finnish saunas, each with its crystal and colour therapy,
  • 2 steam saunas wth the scent of the Pohorje herbs and
  • 2 infrared saunas, heating the body with natural vibrations of the light.

What makes the Sauna Village at the Terme Zreče Spa so special?

  • One of the Finnish saunas includes a 'gank' that is not seen anywhere else (the Pohorje term for a balcony). It is carefully carved out of Pohorje wood. The roof above the sauna is made of glass to show the Pohorje starry sky.
  • On the first floor you will find the heated ceramic beds that make the rest really enjoyable.
  • You can climb up the steep farm stairs to a secluded Pohorje hayrack with wooden beds and smell of hay.
  • A walk along the Kneipp stream with the pebble basis improves psychophysical health.
  • Silky skin is provided by the experienced sauna masters with guided programmes of air whirling and honey, salt and other scrubs and wraps.
  • During the full moon, the Sauna Village is open until 11.30 pm, and during the empty moon until 10.00 pm. The sauna masters recommend a visit during this time since the detoxification is more effective.

One more cup of tea from the Pohorje meadows and forests ...