The Idila Wellness

The Idila Wellness at the Terme Zreče Spa is famous for its four worlds: the Nature, the Beauty, the Romance and the Orient. Each of them offers an enjoyable relaxation with its unique touch.

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The peaceful, beautiful Pohorje environment enforces us to take time for ourselves in an unobtrusive way. The good, soothing energy and smiles of the friendly staff, radiate from the Idila Wellness at the Terme Zreče Spa.

The 4 worlds of the Idila Wellness in the Terme Zreče Spa

The Wellness Idila is built on a story of the four worlds, each unique in its tradition, technique of touch and characteristic scents:

  • The Nature Idila derives its wealth directly from the Pohorje nature, offering the massage with pouches, filled with the Pohorje herbs or the massage with the Pohorje stones, as well as natural scrubs and wraps, and special therapeutic power of touch, which can strengthen the immune system.
  • The Romance Idila is a place for experiencing genuine, warm moments for two, away from the fast-paced life, only with a candlelight and a glass of good sparkling wine - e.g. in the divine bath and the private Finnish sauna.
  • The Beauty Idila is a world of beauty treatments which take care of the harmony of external and internal beauty. The best of nature, collected in face and body treatments, provides the radiant skin, flawless nails and a firm body.
  • The World of Sawaddee Oriental Massage carries the millennia-old knowledge of the Orient: traditional Thai therapy and Ayurvedic Ideas from India.

A tip for the greatest specialty of Idila Wellness at the Terme Zreče Spa

Let us whisper in your ears: one of the most unique massages is the massage with pouches, filled with the Pohorje herbs. The herbs, collected on Pohorje, are used to fill the soft pouches, they are heated and placed all over the body, together with the aromatic oils. Combined with Swedish massage techniques, you feel being reborn and your skin will be enriched again.