The Cheesemaking Lamperček – Obrul

The Cheesemaking Lamperček ‒ Obrul is a multi-award winning hill farm which creates homemade yoghurts and cheeses of wonderful taste.

More information:

Lamperček – Obrul Farm, Anja Obrul

T: +386 (0) 51 683 724


The Lamperček - Obrul hill farm is located in beautiful Pohorje places - in Koritno above Oplotnica, at an altitude of 700 meters.

What does a farm day look like?

In the idyllic countryside, the day begins very early and ends late, as the Obruls have to take care of the 20 acres of farmland and 75 livestock. They never run out of work, which is fairly shared between the parents and 6 already grown children.

What will you find at the Cheesemaking Obrul-Lamperček?

Black and white cows give about 750 liters of milk a day, of which about 300 liters are sent for processing into high-quality dairy products:

  • yoghurts in more than 10 different flavors and
  • whole-fat milk cheeses: soft cheeses with chives and chilli and semi-hard cheeses, which may be plain, smoked or with added flavors such as garlic and parsley or chili and green pepper.

Quality label Delicaces of Slovenian farms

The product assesment of the Delicacies of Slovenian farms in Ptuj awarded them a quality label and several times the golden award for the fruit yogurt. They also received the specification of Selected quality: Milk and dairy products – farm-made, thus proving that their cheeses are made from home-made raw milk. For their yoghurts and cheeses, they also received the quality label of the Tastes of Rogla.

How to get their products?

All of their products are created with a lot of care, effort and love, so that is why there are most definitely many who would like to taste these delicacies. You can find them at the Farmers' Market in Oplotnica and at the Kmetič Shop at the Slovenske Konjice Market.