The Meglič Organic Farm

The Meglič Organic Farm is a 10-acre high-altitude farm, producing the top quality local products of culinary arts that carry the brand name Tastes of Rogla.

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The Meglič Organic Farm

T: +386  (0)41 620 716

The Meglič Organic Farm is situated among the exciting and at the same time soothing panoramic views across the Pohorje hills, so high up on the slope of Steniška gora that it is considered as one of the altitude farms. It was created by the Iršič family, which also holds the excellent brand name the Herbs from the Žice Charterhouse. They have received numerous prestigious quality signs of the Tastes of Rogla both as the farm and for the herbs.

What can be created on 10 acres?

10 acres sounds a lot, but on this arable land the Iršič family manages to create so much that it almost sounds too little. From this soil grow the tall and thick old varieties of apple, pear and plum trees, as well as the fields of spelt, wheat, buckwheat, maize and other crops. And their herb garden should not be forgotten.

The best local culinary arts are then created by their hands:

  • liqueurs, juices and syrups, musts, wines and sparkling wines,
  • organic apple cider vinegar,
  • herbs and tea,
  • flour,
  • organic soup vegetables,
  • jams and spreads.

Feel the beauty of the farm life

You can also get to know the Meglič's Organic Farm through the unique experiences. You can go on a culinary experience of the natural and cultural heritage at the Meglič Organic Farm.