The Majnika Herbal Garden

The Majnika Herbal Garden is a story of a mother and daughter who made a real herbal garden with more than 160 herbs and some great natural products from their small home garden.

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From a small home garden, a large organic Majnika Herbal Garden grew in the middle of the typical countryside of the Dravinja Valley in the Žiče Village.

More than 160 plants of the Majnika Herbal Garden

The Majnika Herbal Garden is well known for its stunningly fragrant herbal teas and sprouts. The mother Majda and daughter Katja demonstrate, not only the knowledge of growing more than 160 plants, but also an in-depth understanding of their beneficial effects on the body.

Such different and special stories

  • Almost every household of the Dravinja Valley is already familiar with the Majnika herbal salt, which is enriched by 18 kinds of herbs and vegetables, mixed with unrefined traditional Piran salt, making it indispensable for sauces, soups, fish and real roasts.
  • The Majnika Premium herbal salt is an upgraded herbal salt, which also contains the root of light. It is a special tuber that has the ability to bring the light into the human body. The tuber became famous after the father of the Olympian, Usain Bolt, said that he attributed his son's success to the regular consuption of this healing root.
  • They manually produce the healing seeds of the milk thistle, although its spiky outside does not make their job easy. Namely they believe in the fruit and the quality work of the human hands.

Meet Majda and Katja

Majda and Katja widely open the door of their home and the hearty garden to the individuals and groups who would like to learn more about herbalism. They even prepare cookery workshops, science days and workshops for the youngest.