The Kmetič Shop

The Kmetič Shop is a very special shop which offers only the products and produce from the organic local farms and producers. Bon Appetit!

A beautiful and neat modern market is located in Slovenske Konjice between the picturesque old town square centre and the rippling Dravinja River. The market exuberantly welcomes the Kmetič Shop, an unprecedented example of an excellent rural organization and discovery of the primary local cuisine.

A different approach to invigorating food

The farmers who live in various parts of the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination, carry their delicacies to the Kmetič Shop. They are united by the tradition and mentality that food should be approached in a healthy manner with common sense. Caring for the quality of life of the local population and of course the visitors, they offer a variety of organic produce and products, many of which carry the prestigious quality sign the Tastes of Rogla.

What to buy at the Kmetič Shop?

Since the quality is seasonal, the offer in the shop is a little different every day. However, we strongly recommend the apple juice from native apple varieties and aronia juice, homemade Marvita pasta, yoghurts, cottage cheese and other cheeses from the surrounding farms, dried cold cuts from deer meat, home-baked bread from the bread oven, pumpkin seed oil or homemade paté in a glass , well ... And so much more.