The Kamenik Beekeeping and Beverage Production

The Kamenik beekeeping and beverage production is located in the heart of Pohorje. It seeks the healing properties of nature in its most unspoiled areas.

Please contact the Kamenik family to arrange a visit and tasting.

Kamenik beekeeping and beverage production

Božje 1A

2317 Oplotnica

T: +386  (0)41 156 410

In its core Pohorje hides the unknown, authentic villages, where people still feel the countryside, where tradition has not yet become extinct and where the villagers deeply respect the handicrafts. This is exactly what the village of Božje nad Oplotnico is like, where the Kamenik beekeeping and beverage production offers home to bees in the unspoiled nature with the fresh air, 800 meters above sea level.

Taste what the bees picked up for you in the heart of Pohorje

The Kamenik family is famous for the delicious honey liqueurs, among which we expose the rosehip, cherry and blueberry liqueurs. In the palette of honey, choose between floral, acacia, chestnut, forest and spruce honey (no one will find it strange if you take a little bit of every kind).

Specialty of the Kamenik Beekeeping and Beverage Production:

Honey enriched with fruits and brandy from various Pohorje herbs.