The Rogla Fun Park

The Rogla Fun Park is the most popular park for boarders and skiers in Slovenia.

Check out the snow conditions, webcams and ticket prices.

If you are not the type of a person who enjoys a quiet ride on a pre-determined path, but you are rather driven by adrenaline, The Rogla Fun Park is just for you. The most popular snow park in Slovenia, which is actually a part of the Mašinžaga ski slope on Rogla, will be a challenge for you, full of tricks and free-style figures.

The Rogla Fun Park offers elements for the fearless tricks:

  • the halfpipe, which requires multiple turns, stands and other courageous ideas;
  • the slopestyle track with 15 elements for fun descents;
  • the ground-built kickers for looong "flights";
  • two Big Air jumps just before the finish line for dangerous jumps.

No worries - if you are not quite aquinted with the free style yet, you can safely let go of all the elements and try out the simplest ones.

To the park with the ski lift, an unlimited number of descents

As mentioned earlier, The Rogla Fun Park is the part of the Mašinžage ski slope, so you can easily get to the park by one of two anchor lifts. You can go down the park as many times as you would like – the admission to the park is included in the price of the daily ski pass, which means you can ski or ski-board anywhere else on the ski slope.

Totally without knowledge?

We recommend the visit to the Rogla's Winter Sports School.