The Snowshoeing on Rogla

Snowshoeing is an ancient snow activity which enthuses as one of the most beautiful ways of recreation across the vast snow-covered nature on Rogla.

Check out the web cameras and snowshoeing programmes.

Snowshoeing is an ancient way of walking across the snowy landscape, which today represents one of the most attractive and common opportunities for an active winter holiday. Rogla is an irreplaceable starting point for walks across the dreamy, soft snowy landscape, all the way to the Lovrenc's Pearls and for gazing at the thousands of stars.

What is required for snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is actually snow walking with specially adjusted footwear with a large surface to keep your foot from sinking deep into the snow. You need the:

  • sport snowshoes made of aluminium, rubber and other high-tech materials,
  • running shoes or light hiking boots - when there is a lot of snow, waterproof,
  • woolen ski or hiking socks,
  • recommended: waterproof membrane gaiters (eg. Goretex).

All the equipment can be rented on Rogla.

Who can snowshoe?

One of the most beautiful characteristics of snowshoeing is that it is suitable for motivating children, simple walks of the elderly or a little more demanding hikes of sports enthusiasts.

Snowshoeing with a guide

If you are not familiar with the Pohorje forests, we recommend that you hire a guide on Rogla for walks and snowshoeing. The guide will teach you the basics of ascending and descending with snowshoes, how to walk on an arch and how to cross a slope, while at the same time they will guide you safely across the endless forest paths which are not so clearly marked in the snow.