The Zlodej's Adrenaline Toboggan

Visit the Zlodej's Adrenaline Toboggan and go down the 1.360-meter-long winding track at the speed of your choice – in summer or winter.

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Rogla, among its many adventures in nature, also offers one of the most entertaining adrenaline attractions: the Zlodej's Adrenaline Toboggan. Convenient sleds will take you to the heart of the fairy-tale Pohorje forest at the speed of your choice, so that when your heart rate raises you can breathe in even more needle-scented air.

In winter and in summer

The Zlodej's toboggan has sleds, however, it can be used all year round, regardless of the season.

5 quick facts about the Zlodej's Adrenaline Toboggan:

  • The winding toboggan run is 1.360 meters long.
  • The comfortable sleds have room for two people.
  • You can ride your sled at the speed of up to 40 km/h.
  • The speed can be adjusted to your preferences with the hand brake.
  • The sleds are perfectly safe and are therefore also suitable for children.

The adventure ends aroud 200 meters lower, and from there the ski lift takes you back to the top along with the sled.