The Rogla Bike Park

The Rogla Bike Park is an adrenaline park for real downhill cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the 6 varied forest routes or to learn on the training ground.

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The adrenaline enthusiasts will jump with joy when they hear about the Rogla Bike Park. The wind of the fresh Rogla's air will clear your face, as you speed among the trees along the well-maintained forest routes of the Rogla Bike Park.

A personal ID of the Rogla Bike Park:

  • An adrenaline park located on and between the ski resorts of Mašinžaga, Planja, Jasa and Ostruščica
  • 7,500 meters of well-maintained routes,
  • 6 diverse forest routes,
  • various difficulties: from blue to black,
  • the obstacles and biker elements: tables, turns, drop, step ups, etc.,
  • the Super Flow route with lots of jumps, drops and quick turns.

And the best thing? Cycling up the hill is not necessary. Sit down and place your bike (or the borrowed one) on the Planja chairlift and keep returning to the top again and again.

The Bike Park, also suitable for the beginners

Although the park offers adrenaline acceleration for more extreme riders, it is also suitable for the beginners. At the beginning of the park there is a training ground for learning the basics of downhill cycling. You can also hire a mountain biking instructor.

Without equipment? No problem!

At the Rogla Cycling-Hiking Center at the top of Planja you can rent the latest best cycling equipment: from downhill, cross-country and children's bikes to the best helmets and protectors.