The Climbing Wall on Rogla

Climbing is a sport where the whole body works. Try the climbing wall on Rogla, which is in certain parts also suitable for children.

There are also two climbing walls in the excelently-equipped Rogla sports hall, which is a part of the Planja Hotel and Rogla Hotel:

  • The lower climbing wall with its height of 2.9 m is suitable for children and warming up before the real challenges.
  • The higher climbing wall rises up to 9 meters high.

Did you know?

Climbing is one of the natural forms of movement that involves whole body activity. It is an extremely effective means of enhancing body fitness and mental concentration, it has an extraordinary effect on relaxing thoughts and has a great effect on motor skills, especially with children.

The climbing wall on Rogla with programmes for the whole family

Rogla offers several climbing programmes which will delight the whole family. Check out the climbing programmes on Rogla.

An interesting fact:

The Slovenian cross-country skier and Olympic bronze medalyst, Petra Majdič, kept including the climbing wall on Rogla into her training just as well as the Slovenian judo team did.